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About Us


HBRSOFT is a SoftwareHouse and Hoftware Distributor company which was founded by a young entrepronuer and programmer Mr.Hasibullah Rahamani on 21th August 2016. HBRSOFT Presents a new face of technology in Afghanistan. and it is a new way of finding and downloading new Software for any platforms and it provides many software like: Windows OS Software, Mack OS Softwares, Andriod Applications and for The First time in Afghanistan Security Cameras And Surveillance Software and Services.


Top Ten Reason why you should choose HBRSOFT

  1. Hand_picked quality software and apps.
  2. We Cover Windows and mack operating System and latest web applications.
  3. We provide android Applications.
  4. Daily Updated new versions, icons, screenshots and features.
  5. We accept any Software and application order from our clients.
  6. We accept any Website order for our Clients.
  7. For the First time in Afghanistan Security Cameras and Surveillance Software and Services.
  8. Create E-Mails and Pops with us.
  9. Advertise with Us.
  10. Fast and reliable download from our box server.

Founder and CEO

Hasibullah Rahmani